Dutchpanna takes part inPanna Knock Out™

In collaboration with Panna Knock Out™, we organize tournaments in the run up to the Dutch Championships. If you buy a panna cage then the best of the nation’s freestylers will visit for the opening of the panna pitch which is then followed by a tournament. Anyone can take part, and the day’s winner qualifies for the Dutch Championships. This is great exposure for the new panna pitch that you purchase.

The Panna Cage

The game is centred around the official, round panna cage of Dutch Panna that will be used in the 2016 Dutch Championships. By optimally using the curved walls, a player can outclass their opponent. Our panna cages make the perfect environment. The circular shape speeds up the game because the players no longer have to deal with ‘dead corners’. Their compact size means they are also great to place in small spaces.